Ethel Booba: Willie is lying

Ethel Booba finally broke her silence on her feud with Wowowillie host Willie Revillame, who castigated her and fellow host Ate Gay on national TV over the results of a costume contest on the said show.

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“Hindi di ko siya (Willie) sinigawan,” she said. Asked who is lying, she or Willie, Ethel answered, “Siya (Willie).  Witness ang mga staff at si Ate Gay. Alam nilang walang sigawan na nangyari,”  Ethel said in an interview after the presscon of her new reality show,  TV5’s “Boracay Bodies.”

Ethel admitted she never expected Willie to scold her publicly. She reported for work, feeling ready to call it quits.  Ethel said she just wanted to just go abroad.

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“Feeling ko okay kami,” she recalls.“Sabi pa nga niya, ‘wag kang mag-alala, ipagtatanggol kita.”

Ethel was referring to Willie’s reaction regarding negative Twitter messages the former showed to him the day he scolded her and Ate Gay.

Ethel also recalled that Willie raised his voice after she told him Ate Gay felt hurt over the results of the costume contest, where he chose the show’s choreographer Anna Feliciano as the winner.

“Noong sinabi ko kay Willie na nagtatampo si Ate Gay , sabi niya, ‘Anong problema?’ Tumaas ang boses niya. Nagmura siya at sinabing, ‘Ang liit na bagay. Yan lang. Kung hindi ninyo gusto ang patakaran, lumayas kayo. Get out!”

Ethel was understandably shocked.

She also denied that she confronted Willie in the dressing room over the matter.

“Maling mali ang statement niya na sinugod  namin siya sa dressing room. Teritoryo niya yon. Di totoo yon.”

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Success and Willie

Ethel felt success has gotten the better of Willie. Ethel also notes that Willie has been sour since “Wowowillie’s” lost viewers to rival show, “It’s Showtime.”
She added that she was controlling her feelings since Day One, when Willie blamed her for the brown-out that happened at the presscon of “Wowowillie.”

At this point, Ethel still feels hurt and is not ready to patch things up with Willie.

Meanwhile, there is no bad blood between her and  Ate Gay, who has rejoined “Wowowillie.”  Ethel knows  her friend just wants to make a career move and create a niche on TV5.

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“Nag-usap na kami,” Ethel reveals.

Ethel is “The Diva” on “Boracay Bodies,” which premieres on TV5 on April 6, 9 p.m. Joining her are Brent Javier (“The Boy Next Door”), Victor Silayan (“The Lover Boy”), Luke Jickain (“The Wise Man”), Krista Miller (“Mysterious Girl”), Joross Gamboa (“The Jester”), Wendy Valdez (“The Righteous”) and Helga Krapf (“The Sweet Girl”). Phoemela Baranda hosts.
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