Derek ignores alleged Christine-Rayver sex video

Derek Ramsay shrugged off text messages claiming to have the link to an alleged sex video involving his girlfriend Christine Reyes and her former sweetheart Rayver Cruz (who denied the allegations).
“I got the text too. I didn’t bother to open it. I know what it is. It’s a blast text,” Derek said at the press conference of Dunkin Donuts’ augmented reality treat on Thursday, September 26.
He added that he and Cristine never discussed the issue because it doesn’t affect their relationship.
“Hindi ko alam kung alam niya. Hindi namin pinag-uusapan. Even if there is, it doesn’t matter because past is past.”

Deactivated Instagram account

He admits deactivating his Instagram account because his bashers’  disrespectful comments have affected him.
The Kapatid star used to keep followers updated on his daily activities in his Instagram account @kingderekramsay, but he decided that he wants "to be a bit more private" now.
But Derek assured everyone he still keeps his Twitter account to keep fans posted on his activities.
“Everybody has their limit and it gets to you. But if they can express themselves, even though it’s not positive, but it’s in a respectful way, I’ll respect that. But sometimes, hindi na opinyon. That I can’t respect, but I will not disrespect,” Derek told reporters.
He dutifully replies to fans – and even bashers. He would also defend fans from critics.
“It did get to me that people could be so hurtful. But, it’s funny when you open their accounts and there’s only one follower, no posts,” he said.

The actor-athlete admits he cannot please everybody.

“For me, it’s better to avoid it (personal attacks). People see negative things about me but put it in a proper way. I admire people like that. I can’t make everybody like me, I won’t even try. This is me, like me or don’t like me. It’s just how it is. You cannot make everybody like you.”

Happy Kapatid

Derek, who has been with TV5 for more than a year, is happy at how his career is going. He still has two more years to go with TV5 and would like to continue as a Kapatid.

“My priority is TV5. Respect is a big thing to me. I have to give that to them. They surpassed everything, so my priority is TV5. Ibinigay nila sa akin lahat. I started with the Olympics as a reporter even if I didn’t have a background as a reporter. They trusted me that I could do it. They were very happy with my efforts there. After that they set me with Amazing Race. Next thing I was a superhero (Kidlat),” he said.”

Meanwhile, the Dunkin Donuts endorser is inviting fans to join the “Day with Derek” promo, through which they can spend the entire day with him. If chosen, Derek promises to give the chosen fan his or her heart’s desire.  If the fan is a guy, Derek promises to take him to Frisbee game.  If the fan is a girl, Derek can have dinner with her, or take her shopping.

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