Top 20 Gadgets Of 2012

altIf innovation is the mother of all inventions, then 2012 surely had more than its fair share of gadgets that enthralled us.

Here’s a list of the best objects we saw this year.

1) Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter


A boy’s toy in the truest sense, the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 is a second-Gen drone, and boy, it is radical! Upping the game by a notch from its predecessor, the 2.0 is a massive improvement. The smartphone-controlled gadget features 720p HD video recording, a brilliant control system, and the ability to create its own Wi-Fi network to connect with an iDevice. How well does it fly? To put it in a rather humble manner, it soars above and beyond comprehension with a range of 165 feet! Full-frontal control ensures you can manoeuvre it in any and every way. Right from making it flip to zooming it at some outrageous angles. Reinforced hulls are a part of the package: one for outdoors with exposed blades and an aerodynamic body for better experience, whereas the other one is for indoor flying that protects blades from collision. This is arguably the kite of the new age!

2) Asus Rog Tytan CG8890


We all love a mammoth gaming rig, and Asus delivers one the size of a T-Rex! The Tytan is a liquid-cooled monster with a six-core, Intel Core i7 3960X processor with Turbo Gear that’ll clock this beast to 4.2 GHz. Yes, it’s that powerful. But the main power lies in the Nvidia GeForce GTX 690 graphics card which is capable of supporting four monitors and RAM upgradable to 16 GB. And if all this wasn’t enough, Asus offers enough space inside to lug it with some more firepower for the future!

3) MarketBot Replicator 2


With the advent of 3D printing and DIY projects stemming all over the world, MarketBot makes the smart move with their Replicator 2. Sleeker, bigger, and a much more fundamental design ensures a new level of user-friendliness. This one can snugly replace your old-school printer and act as the perfect Instant-Accessory churner! Yes, that’s what we intend to christen it, and it does just that, and more. 3D modelling is the future; and the Replicator 2 brings it to us.

4) Fujifilm X-Pro 1


The X-Pro 1 is a mirror less camera that does complete justice to the groundbreaking technology that it’s equipped with. The CMOS sensor works flawlessly and implements new and an innovative filtration system that render some brilliant looking photographs. Equipped with an interchangeable lens, it is a blessing for all the professional photographers who are keen on making a shift from DSLR to mirror less! And yes, it shoots videos in 1080p. Rejoice! Many more competitors are embracing mirror less tech and inculcating it in their new range of cameras, and we expect prices to drop soon enough!

5) GoPro Hero3 Black Edition


What’s as small as a matchstick and can withstand an elephant’s stampede? It’s the GoPro! The Black edition is smaller, lighter and packs a punch of colossal proportions! Capable of capturing 4K videos with its 12 Megapixel camera, the GoPro is perfect in any and every condition. Skydiving? Dirt-biking? GoPro takes on it all like a pro! The Hero3 comes with a MicroSD card slot that can handle a 64 GB card with ease.

6) Samsung Galaxy Note 2


Samsung was on a roll once it knew how to play the game right, and they did the same with the next instalment in the Note series! The Note 2 is a hybrid that delivers the best of both worlds. It’s big enough to be used as a tablet, and yet borderline-compact to be lugged around as a cellphone. The Note 2 was a perfect successor to the Note series and ushered in the need to have a tablet-smartphone combo. A perfect void filler, it was gladly accepted by the masses, and rest assured, we can expect some stellar products in the Note series soon enough!

7) Polaroid Z2300


We all admit it, somewhere deep down we’re suckers for Instagrammed photos. But from a purists point of view, we despise Instagram for bridging the gap between professional photography and layman equipped with a smartphone. So to reclaim some of the purist’s pride, Polaroid brings to us the Z2300, or aptly put, the Polaroid of today! It has an in-built printer that churns out photographs clicked by its 10 megapixel camera in less than a minute! And that’s not where it ends, printing the photos is optional, and they can be edited to your requirements before printing them out on 2x3 inch papers. This beauty can capture video!

8) Amazon Kindle Fire


HD screen, LTE, beautiful and user-friendly interface perfect for the Amazonians, the Fire has to be the golden child of Amazon. Smartly priced as always is the case with every Amazon product, the Fire carved a niche image for itself and won the hearts of critics and users alike! An entry-level tab perfect for media management, entertainment, and everything else, the Fire has to be the tab to own if you want to save a buck, and yet have a million dollar experience!

9) HTC One X+


HTC One X was already a groundbreaking phone in its class. Geared with one of the best camera quality in the market, the One X was a phone to own, until HTC thought of taking the world by storm yet again, and this time with the One X+. The X+ came with an eight megapixel camera and a 2.0 aperture, guaranteeing better photo capturing capabilities in low lighting, and a bigger screen! But the cherry on top was the mammoth 2100 mAh battery that made sure you never run out of juice for a long, long time!

10) Nintendo Wii U


Nintendo has churned out some of the best gadgets out there. Unravelling the whole of Wii series has been a delight to watch, and the next in the line has been the Wii U. The Next-Gen home console clubs the awesomeness of tablet with television and gives the player a whole new user experience altogether! The console actually acts as a controller with a screen in the middle, a La Nintendo DS style gaming, and the screen can be configured to act as secondary information source. It allows compatibility with its predecessor, a trait Nintendo takes pride in, and works flawlessly. The Wii U has surely changed the way video-games are shaping up, and it has made a mark to be a gadget worth grabbing!

11) OrigAudio Rock-It 3.0


Portable speakers are the trend of today, other than saving the battery life of your cellphone they deliver a louder audio without sacrificing on audio-quality, and among the competition with the biggies, the Rock-It 3.0 has a magical trick up its sleeve! In a capsule form, it looks nothing like a speaker, but stick the output to any flat surface and it turns it into a speaker! Bigger the object, better the sound! So grab your nearest glass, desk, bottle and turn it into your speaker. A highly affordable price-tag of $35 makes this revolutionary product a must-have for all the fun-loving outdoorsy people!

12) The new iPad


A gadget list will go unfinished without a hearty garnishing of Apple products and the first toppings on our list is the New-Gen iPad. A retina display, an A6X processor, a breathtaking graphics processing unit, and smart pricing, the iPad has to be the Emperor of tablets. The compact and sturdy built with the iOS and hordes of beautiful apps makes this one a winner, and the performance and battery life just reassures us why Apple is and will be the tech-wiz of tomorrow!

13) Nexus 4


Nexus 4 is the answer to Apple’s iPhone. The Nexus series is the hardware baby of Google, and this time, Google handed the reins to LG, and they’ve done a mighty commendable job with this one. The Nexus boasts of a 1.5 GHz quad-core heart that pumps and churns out an ample lot of power for a fluid and flawless user experience. Adorned with a 4.7-inch True HD IPS+ screen, it delivers brilliant visuals and the Jelly Bean does its job effortlessly. Not to forget it’s pricing, it’s like owning a warhorse in the price of a pony!

14) Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display


Apple product #2 on the list, the MacBook Pro is the Terminator of laptops, ultrabooks and your desktop PC. As the name suggests, it has Retina Display. Thin and light, it’s painless to carry, and a good battery life ensures that you won’t run out of juice anytime soon. An i7 quad-core processor with flash memory as a norm, the Pro also has a NVIDIA graphic engine to ensure the display it deserves on the Retina Display. This one will make you empty your pockets and you’ll gladly do so!

15) Nokia Lumia 900


The Lumia 900 gives the Symbian OS a skip and seeks allegiance to Windows. Equipped with LTE technology of tomorrow, Lumia promises a performer and it delivers. A sleek body and a beautiful look, the 900 has 1840 mAh battery to give the 4G-enabled phone ample of grass to graze. If that wasn’t enough, it has a brilliant camera that does its job seamlessly. A benchmark for Windows enabled phones, the 900 is definitely a phone for all the Windows worshippers and it fits its bill perfectly.

16) Google Nexus 7


One of the cheapest tablets in the market, the Nexus 7 is a brilliant piece of machinery in itself. Other than being the perfect media hub, web browser and an Android baby, the pricing of $200 is what makes the Nexus 7 the tablet to own. Packing a mean punch at such a small pricing is a tough thing to pull off, and the Nexus 7 does just that, and more! Need a mid-sized tab without burning a hole in your pocket? Look no further!

17) iPod Touch 5th Gen


The Next-Gen iPod touch was launched amidst the glitz and glamour of iPhone 5, and yet it caught the eyeballs of the world. What makes this baby so awesome is the crisp thin 6.1 mm body equipped with a powerful 5 megapixel camera. It’s like owning a top-of-the-line phone with a beautiful screen, amazing sound quality and user experience, albeit without a SIM slot! If that wasn’t enough, the battery ensures that you will be able to enjoy the music for 40 hours in a stretch and videos for eight!

18) Microsoft Surface


Amidst all the hybrid laptop/ultrabook/tab clutter, the press and nerds alike were apprehensive about Microsoft’s Surface and its fate, but Surface proved to be the game changer and ushered in a new game into play altogether. Surface clubs the essence of a tab and a notebook in a brilliant way, and the efforts seem to have paid well for MS. Yet another vital aspect is the integration of Windows 8 which served its purpose the right way, rivalling all the Android tabs in the market! Microsoft’s first step into the world of hardware is a success, and it seems the soon-to-come lineage of Surface is here to stay!

19) iPhone 5


Yet another Apple product, this one has to be a part of this list. Breaking out of Steve Job’s guidelines, the iPhone 5 is an inch longer giving it a much more elongated feel and a wide-screen effect. At 7.6 mm thin and 112 grams, the iPhone 5 is the thinnest and the lightest thing out there. Oh, and it also has the famed Retina Display, LTE, a brilliant eight megapixel camera to die for, and HD recording. This one upped the game of smartphones in its own way!

20) Samsung Galaxy S III


The gadget that made Apple pull up its socks and gear up for a battle of epic proportions, the S III sure paved a way for itself and truly defined the iOS vs Android war in its totality. Equipped with a brilliant 4.8 inch super AMOLED screen, an eight megapixel camera, and an operating system tweaked to perfection, the Samsung Galaxy S III has been helmed as benchmark for cellphones of the future, and rightfully so. We shudder at the thought of S III’s successor, and the punch it’d pack!

The above 20 gadgets made news for most part of the year, thanks to the amazing experience attached with them.

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